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Expert support is dedicated to people who bought an Irix lens within the last 3 months and have a proof of purchase.

Irix Lens Club get Expert Support



Wsparcie ekspertów Irix Lens Club

Why should you chooseIrix Lens support program?

  • You will meet a professional photographer, who will be available only to you.
  • Our expert will answer all your questions and clear up any doubts.
  • You will be sure that you make the most of your lens.
  • The photographer will present you the photographic path you want to follow.
  • Each topic can be adjusted to your needs - just write us what you would like to discuss.



Order an individual consultation tailored to your expectations


Irix Lens Club Abandoned place photography

Abandoned place photography

Find out how to catch the spirit of abandoned places and show their stories using an wide-angle.

  • Leading: Dimitri Bourriau - Jahz Design
  • Platform: Zoom
  • Price: 70 €
  • Lenguage: FR, RU



Irix Lens Club Astrophotography

Astrophotography with Irix Lens

Find out how to capture images of the night skies. You will be guided to capture images of night skies.

  • Leading: Stefano Perrone
  • Platform: Zoom
  • Price: 70 €
  • Language: EN, IT



Irix Lens Club Macrophotography

Macrophotography with Irix Lens

Find out how to capture images of insects and flowers, and master lighting in macrophotography.

  • Leading: Pierre Escubas
  • Platform: Zoom
  • Price: 70 €
  • Language: EN, FR




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