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Essential guide to Astrophotography with Stefano Perrone

Essential guide to Astrophotography

Do you want to learn the secrets of photographing the night sky? Take part in a free webinar with Stefano Perrone and learn how to start in this field of photography. Learn proven methods directly from a professional photographer who will share his knowledge with you. Instead of reading more guides, spend an hour with an astrophotography expert and learn in a fun way.


Due to the bad health situation of the webinar leader (COVID 19), we are compelled to postpone this event. We’ll update you with the new date as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Irixlens astrophotography with Stefano Perrone

What will we be talking about in the next webinar?


  1. Why astrophotography? What makes it interesting?
  2. Essential rules for taking pictures of the night sky that you need to remember.
  3. Equipment (the best lenses and why).
  4. Why is worth using filters and which ones?
  5. Sample photos: practical tips with examples.
  6. Questions from the audience.



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